Conference Highlights – Italy: Did you know or so they say?

SWE Conference Highlights 2013

On Thursday afternoon, Sharron McCarthy, always a conference favorite, led a session called Italy – Did you know or so they say?

Italy Audience

Sharron described Italy as a spirited, thriving, ancient enigma that unveils, yet hides, many faces.

Italy Wines

She told the stories of the invading Phoenicians, Greeks, and Cathaginians, the native Etruscans and Romans, as well as the Saracens, Visigoths, Normans, Austrian and Germans who all left their imprint on the land – and wines – of Italy.

Sharro Italy

Attendees learned that Emilia-Romagna was the birthplace of Sangiovese, which was then diffused throughout the rest of Italy, becoming the leading grape that it is today. Italy Audience 2

Wines from Piedmont, Vento,  Tuscany, Abruzzo, and other regions were all featured, showcasing the depth and diversity of the wines of Italy. Did you know?Italy Bottles


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