Conference Preview: The Art and Science of Bourbon Whiskey

John Breckon, CSS

John Breckon, CSS

Today we have a Conference Preview from John Breckon, CSS, and Cameron Bogue. John and Cameron will be giving their session, The Art and Science of Bourbon Whiskey, on Friday, August 15th at 1:15 pm. Read on for John’s preview of the session…it sounds like a riot, and I – for one – will be there! 

Read on to hear what John and Cameron have to say about their session…

Cameron Bogue, "The Other"

Cameron Bogue, “The Other”

When you love bourbon you jump at opportunities to share your passion and “ah-hem” have a little taste with friends.  So when the Society of Wine Educators asked their CSS alumni to speak with some of their peeps we said “hell yeah!”  We’re Bourbon-loving hospitality professionals that love to share our passion for Bourbon with the unsuspecting public.

One of us, John Breckon, CSS, passionately represents, educates, and promotes Brown-Forman spirits.

The “other,” Cameron Bogue, is a veteran in the bar industry…Cameron’s career began last century tending bar in Whistler, BC, Canada. His passion for adventure led him across the globe discovering new bar techniques, flavors, and reinvigorating his desire to create delicious new cocktails.

John and Cameron -  "The Fabulous Bourbon Boys"

John and Cameron – “The Fabulous Bourbon Boys”

Given the current New World/Old world whisky/whiskey craze, we thought we’d have some fun and present the “ying and yang’ of bourbon whiskey to you all. We call our presentation “The Art and Science of Bourbon.”

This is an educational and fun seminar that will expand your knowledge of Bourbon, distinguish the legends and lore and allow you to have a taste of Woodford Reserve bourbon neat, stirred, and as James Bond prefers…shaken.

Cameron will present these three different drink expressions/styles so your palate can experience and explore the wonderful range of flavors and mouth-feel that this awesome spirit can deliver…Bourbon-licious!

We hope to see you there, cheers!

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