A new edition of the Hospitality/Beverage Specialist Certificate Program by SWE!



What’s so special about Arabica coffee beans?

How should I serve sidra de Asuturias?

How do I write a wine tasting note that makes sense?

To learn the answers to these questions…and a lot of other information about coffee, tea, wine, spirits, beer, cider, or sake…check out the new edition of SWE’s Hospitality/Beverage Specialist Certificate Study Guide—hot off the presses!

The Hospitality/Beverage Specialist Certificate (HBSC) is an entry-level, beverage knowledge program designed to fulfill the needs of the hospitality and culinary industries and their employees. The Beverage Specialist Certificate can also be used as an entry-level course for those planning to pursue higher levels of wine, beer, or spirits certification.

The HBSC provides a broad base of knowledge, covering all commercially relevant beverages, not just wine or spirits. The program’s content covers: coffee, tea, beer, sake, cider, perry, wine, and spirits. Details about sensory evaluation, tasting notes, and service standards for each beverage type are included as well as a chapter on the responsible service of beverage alcohol.



The HBSC may be completed as an online self-paced, self-study program. The registration fee ($99) includes access to the Online HBSC Course and an Online Exam. An accompanying, 188-page paperback study guide is available for individual purchase through Createspace at a separate fee.

Successful completion of the Online HBSC Exam—accessible at the end of the Online Course—will earn candidates the Hospitality/Beverage Specialist Certificate. The exam is 80 multiple-choice questions. Passing the exam requires a score of 75% or higher. Unsuccessful candidates may attempt the exam a second time at no additional cost. The HBSC Certificate may be printed out by the candidate immediately after passing the final exam.

Candidates will have access to the Online Course and Exam for one year from the date of purchase. To sign up, visit our HBSC Course page.

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  1. Marc DeMarchena says:

    Looks like an exciting update to a great starting point in the beverage world!!

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