The Certified Wine Educator Manual for Candidates 2018 is here!



SWE is happy to announce the publication of our latest text on the subject of wine and spirits education, The 2018 Certified Wine Educator Manual for Candidates!

This 140-page book is intended as a guide to help candidates successfully prepare for the Certified Wine Educator (CWE) Exam. The book contains seven chapters as well as several appendixes.  The main topics of the chapters are as follows:

Chapter 1—Introduction to the CWE Exam: An overview of the various components of the exam, the objectives of the exam, and what to expect on test day.

Chapter 2—The Multiple-Choice Exam:  Study tips, suggested study focus, test day advice, and an 85-question multiple-choice practice exam.

Chapter 3—The Essay Exam: Advice on how to study and practice for timed essay questions using the “five-step” method of essay construction, exercises for creating the various parts of an essay outline, multiple “practice” essay questions, advice on writing well, and test day tips. Sample essay outlines and sample (successful) essays.



Chapter 4—The Varietal/Appellation Identification Exam: Advice on semi-blind tasting, 36 iconic wines (presented in six suggested practice flights of six wines each) detailed for typical profile with tasting sheets for you to fill in your own observations, a list of suggested wines for study, benchmarks for wine styles, and test day advice.

Chapter 5—The Logical Tasting Rationale: Detailed information on how to complete a wine tasting note using SWE’s Logical Tasting Rationale, sensory and technical definitions of all of the terms used on the tasting note, sample tasting notes, and test day advice.

Chapter 6—The Faults and Imbalances Identification Exam: Background information on the faults and imbalances, instructions on how to use the SWE faults kit (or make your own), a sample tasting exercise, sensory benchmarks for each fault, and test day advice.



Chapter 7—The Presentation Skills Demonstration: Information on learning objectives, a template for creating presentation outlines/abstracts, a sample presentation outline, and advice on oration, organization, the use of supporting materials, and audience engagement.

Note: This is an update from our first (2016) version of the Manual and while this book is more of a “skills manual” than a “textbook,” it does contain some significant changes. Click here for a document that details the changes from the 2016 book/exam to the 2018 version: Addendum for the 2018 Cerfied Wine Educator Candidate Manual

The CWE Manual for Candidates is available for purchase now on Amazon. The cost is $49. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Jane Nickles, our Director of Education and Certification –

Good luck with your studies!

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