The 2018 CSW Study Guide and Workbook are here!



What do all of these items have in common: The Petaluma Gap AVA…the Delle Venezie DOC…the Vézelay AOC…and the “New” New Zealand geographical indications? Answer: they are newly-changed or updated topics in the world of wine—launched in 2017! You’ll find all of these updates (and more) in the just-released, 2018 version of the Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) Study Guide and Workbook.

We’ve also made a change in how the books are distributed, and the 2018 CSW Study Guide and Workbook are now in stock and shipping from 

Click here to find the 2018 CSW Study Guide on Amazon. The cost is $49.

Click here to find the CSW Workbook 2018 on Amazon. The cost is $39.

CSW Exam Availability: CSW Exams based on the 2018 edition of the Study Guide will be available at Pearson Vue Testing Centers starting on February 1, 2018. Exams based on the 2017 book are also still available (for those that have a 2017 exam attendance credit) and will continue to be available until July of 2020.

Online Prep Course: Our next instructor-led CSW Online Prep Course is scheduled to begin in May 2018. This class will use the 2018 version of the CSW Study Guide and Workbook. The aim of the prep course is to get attendees “as prepared as humanly possible” for a successful sitting of the CSW Exam. Online prep courses are available, free-of-charge, to Professional members of SWE who have a valid CSW Exam attendance credit.

The CSW Exam may be purchased via the SWE website: Click here to purchase the CSW Exam.

Click here for an addendum listing the substantive changes between the 2017 and 2018 versions of the CSW Study Guide: Addendum for the CSW 2018 Study Guide

Flashcards and Practice Quizzes: Our popular online flashcards and practice quizzes have also been updated for 2018 (and the 2017 versions remain available). The cost for these products is $19 each. Click here for the flashcards and practice quizzes.

If you have any questions regarding the CSW Study Guides or Exams, please contact our Director of Education at


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2 Responses to The 2018 CSW Study Guide and Workbook are here!

  1. Shannon Solomon says:

    HI, Enjoy your blog and thought you might be the perfect person to ask. I’m considering getting a wine certification and trying to decide the best one for me. I I work for a small luxury cruise line, working towards Hotel Manager. Several ppl have done the Somm Guild level 1 but not sure that is the best option and wondering if the CSW might be a better fit for my job.

    • admin says:

      Hi Shannon! Thanks for the note and the very good question! Both programs are great and either might work for you – a lot depends on your situation. One positive about the CSW (SWE) is that it can be done completely online, with the test taken at the time and place of your choice by appointment at Pearson Vue Testing Centers. I encourage you to find out more about both programs before making a decision! As for the CSW, the best way to find out about the program is by attending one of our “Insider’s Guide to the CSW Exam” webinars. These sessions are offered once a month – you can keep track of the schedule here: I hope this helps!

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