SWEbinar by the seaEach month, SWE offers a series of educational SWEbinars intended to support those candidates preparing for our certification exams.

You can find information on our current offerings here.

You can find the 2016 – 2017 SWEbinar schedule here.

If you have any questions, please contact SWE’s Director of Education, Jane A. Nickles, at jnickles@societyofwineeducators.org



3 Responses to SWEbinars

  1. I have tried to get in to the webinars using my login, which works to get me in to my account. apparently i can only access these using Microsoft Internet Explorer? I have a mac, and use Firefox. i can open Safari, or Chrome – but i don’t understand why you require this? thanks.

    • admin says:

      Please read the login instructions carefully – it states that you do not need to use a login or password to join the SWEbinars – simply click on “enter as a guest.” Passwords are neither needed nor accepted on SWE’s Adobe Connect Platform.

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