SWE Wine Maps – 2015

Wine Regions of ItalyClick on the links (or pop-down pages attached to the navigation button, above) to access the SWE Wine Maps from our 2015 CSW Study Guide. (Click here if you are looking for the maps from the 2017 versions.) These maps make a great study tool for those of you preparing for the CSW, CWE, or any other wine certifications.


If you have any questions, contact our Director of Education at: jnickles@societyofwineeducators.org

Note: The maps and diagrams on this site are the intellectual property of the Society of Wine Educators. They are provided here for the purpose of an individual’s own learning and education or for use in an educational setting (such as slide presentations or student handouts) in conjunction with the purchase of accompanying SWE material (CSS, CSW, CWE, CSE, or HBSC).  For any other uses, please contact Shields Hood, General Manager of the Society of Wine Educators. These general terms and conditions for use may be amended at any time.

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