SWE Wine Map 2015 – Australia

Figure 18-3 Wine Regions of Australia revised

Click here to download a copy of SWE’s 2015: Figure 18-3 Wine Regions of Australia revised

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2 Responses to SWE Wine Map 2015 – Australia

  1. Andrew Scott says:

    Where’s Queensland?

    There are two official GI regions located in Queensland (one of which is even within the scope of this map)!

    For a supposedly authoritative map to be missing two GI regions isn’t particularly accurate!

    • admin says:

      For that matter, where is Beechworth, Manjimup, and Geographe? Where’s Piccadilly Valley and Perricoota? With over 67 regions, not to mention sub-regions, this map does not claim to have it all. Note the title “Major Wine Regions of Australia” – not “All Wine Regions of Australia.” For a comprehensive listing of all the wine regions (and sub-regions, states, and zones – to date) of Australia, please see page 263 of our CSW Study Guide.

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