Additional Resources for CSW Candidates


While the CSW is basically a self-study course and you can certainly buy the test, read the book by yourself and then take the exam, SWE provides a range of educational activities and resources for CSW Candidates. Some of these are listed below:

The Insider’s Guide to the CSW Exam: Offered at least once a month, this SWEbinar will cover all aspects of the CSW, including what the test covers, how difficult the test is, what type of questions to expect, the resources available to students, and how long SWE recommends for study before sitting the exam. This one-hour session is led by Jane A. Nickles, CSS, CWE (SWE’s Director of Education and Certification). The webinar is offered free-of-charge and available to the public. You will have a chance to ask any and all questions about the CSW – she’ll answer just about any questions save for “what are the answers?” Click here for the latest SWEbinar schedule which includes listings for the Insider’s Guide to the CSW Exam.

Online Prep Classes: Several times a year, SWE offers instructor-led online CSW Prep classes.  These classes are available free-of-charge to Professional Members of SWE who are currently seeking the CSW certification. These classes include weekly Study Guide and workbook assignments, “wines of the week,” opportunities for further learning, flashcards, weekly check-out quizzes, an end-of-course sample practice CSW exam, and weekly live, online webinars.  Click here for more information on the CSW prep classes.

Testing Centers: CSW exams are available throughout the world, by appointment, at Pearson Vue Professional Centers. Within a few days of purchase of the CSW Exam credit, you will receive an email with an authorization code from Pearson Vue Testing Centers. The authorization code will allow you to make an appointment and sit the exam at a Pearson Vue Professional Center at the time and place of your choosing. Authorization codes are good for one year. Click here for more information about SWE testing at Pearson Vue Centers.


CSW Workbook: We offer a 200-page CSW workbook, complete with over 2,700 exercises designed to help you understand, apply, and remember the information in the CSW Study Guide. The workbook is aligned, chapter-by-chapter, with the CSW Study Guide and contains fill-in-the-blank exercises, matching exercises, map exercises, blank maps, and hundreds of sample multiple-choice questions to finish out each module. The workbook may be purchased on the SWE website “catalog and store” page. 

Practice Tests and Quizzes: A suite of practice tests and quizzes, based on the entirety of the CSW Study Guide and Workbook and ideal for use near the end of your studies, may be found at this link (click on “Course Catalog” for more information and purchase).

Flashcards: We offer a suite of flashcards (nearly 900 in totally) based on the CSW Study Guide, available on this platform.  

 Wine Maps: The wine maps included in the CSW Study Guide are available for download on our blog. Candidates are encouraged to print out full-page copies of the maps and mark them up to their hearts’ content as a method of active study. These maps may also be used to study digitally on either a desktop or a mobile device. You may find the CSW maps here.

SWEbinars: We offer monthly “SWEbinars,” free-of-charge and open to the public. These sessions, scheduled at several different days and times throughout the month, are based on the CSW Study Guide and associated topics (we also offer sessions for those studying the CSS, CSE, and CWE). Recent sessions have included “The Dirt on Spain;” “The Italian Grape Game,” and “How (Wine) Cool R U?” Click here for more information on SWEbinars, as well as the schedule.

eBook: Our CSW Study Guide is available as an eBook on both Amazon and iTunes. The cost is $19.95. While a softback copy of the Study Guide is included with the price of the CSW Exam, many people appreciate the convenience of having an eBook as well.


SWE’s Wine and Spirits Quiz App: Available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, SWE has a free Wine and Spirits Quiz app. The app includes 1,000 wine and spirits knowledge questions arranged into ten categories and ten difficulty levels. Test yourself, or challenge your friends! You can download the app from either iTunes or Googleplay. To learn more about the app, click here.  

Wine World Updates: As the world or wine is constantly changing, we maintain a “Study Guide Update” page in order to announce any changes to the world of wine since the publication of each Study Guide. While this material will NOT be included in a CSW certification exam until it is published in the next edition of the Study Guide, this information is provided for both candidates and the general public as a way of keeping current. You may find the CSW Study Guide update page here.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact SWE’s Director of Education at:

Good luck with your studies!

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