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Figure 2.1 CWEAre you looking for the answer key to your Workbook?

Good – you’ve found the right spot. You’ll find pdf’s of the answer keys below – just click on the link! Be careful to download the right key for the particular version of the workbook you are using –  you’ll find them all here.

Certified Specialist of Wine

CSW Workbook Answer Key (2018): CSW Work Book 2018 Answer Key

CSW Workbook Answer Key (2017): CSW Work Book 2017 Answer Key


For more information on the CSW Study Guides, including the timing of the exams, click here. For information on other educational resources available to CSW candidates, click here.


Certified Specialist of Spirits:

CSS Workbook Answer Key: CSS Workbook 2016 Answer Key

For more information on the CSS Study Guides including the timing of the exams, click here. For information on other educational resources available to CSS candidates, click here.

The CSS workbook includes 105 pages study material designed to help you learn, understand and retain the information in the CSS Study Guide. Exercises include multiple choice questions, word matching, true and false questions, map exercises, fill-in-the-blank/short answer questions and blank maps. Workbooks may be purchased on the SWE Catalog/Store page.



Certified Wine Educator

If you are studying for the Certified Wine Educator (CWE) credential, click here for a copy of the Answer Key – 2018 CWE Workbook MCQ Test 2018. If you are using the 2016 version of the manual, click here for the: Answer Key – CWE Workbook MCQ Test 2016, and the Addendum for the 2018 Cerfied Wine Educator Candidate Manual.

The Certified Wine Educator Manual for Candidates may be purchased via

For more information on any of SWE’s programs,  contact Jane Nickles, our Director of Education and Certification- .

Good luck with your studies!



5 Responses to Workbook Answer Keys

  1. Joyce Rose says:

    I am unable to locate 2015 CSS workbook answer and key

    • admin says:

      Hi Joyce! The 2016 CSS Workbook was the first edition of the CSS workbook that we published – there was no 2015 CSS Workbook. I hope this helps! Cheers, Jane N.

  2. Joyce Rose says:

    Thank you, it’s very helpful.

  3. S.T. says:

    I bought the CWE Manual for Candidates 2016 and was not able to find the CWE MCQ Answer Key. I clicked on the link above and it does not correspond to the test in the Manual. Thank you!

    • admin says:

      Did you scroll down to the bottom of the page? The page contains answer keys for the CSW, CSS, and CWE workbooks.

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